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Buick Riviera was first produced in the year 1949 designed with two door pilarless hardtop. in the following years there was a need of more luxurious personal car which could compete with other successful cars ,Riviera was therefore uniquely designed,2 door ,4 passenger car an indication of both comfort and performance. The car has knife-edged shape making it unique from other cars. it has an engine size of 455 cubic inch v8 being rated at 330hp and plenty of torque of job taken. The fuel is more economical and this is something to brag about. Buick Riviera OBD reader works very much efficiently and speedy in detecting faults codes on the car and sends the signal to rectify the encountered mechanical problems. It performs by reading clearly on the graph as it enhanced data sensor on a free upgrade. It checks fuel pump faults as well and relays corrective mechanism on rectifying any fault code detected. OBD reader gives you an assurance of no more breakdowns for it monitors all engine controls and other parts of the car. it gives you an indication when to check the engine and when to re service the car and you will be saving a lot by help of the reader