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Buick century Is a car which was produced nearly a half century .it first appeared in the year 1936 and went for two generations. They have shorter bodies with a 3.1- liter v8 engines which sends power to the front wheels, this engines produces 160 horsepower and 185 pound torque which creates a performance –oriented Buick. It gives you a capacity of six passengers, keyless entry, full power accessories and dual zone climate controller; it also has items like cruise control, leather upholstery and a power driver’s seat. You don’t need to worry on fuel cost for it is fuel economical and provides you with affordable, comfortable and more interesting transportation. Buick OBD reader is your cars self diagnostic tool equipped with technical capabilities to provide you with reports about the current health or status your Buick century subsystems. It has the ability to detect malefactions and gives technical details of the nature of the problem. You will also access detailed technicality on the status or nature of the car .the reader has standardized diagnostic trouble codes which enable you to trouble shoot the malfunctioning parts of your car. This will provide you with real time health information about the status of your car so that you can easily fix it yourself. In this way you will be saving time and money you would have taken to the garage for a mechanic to check you car.