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As you can see Buick GS400 is car having the engine size of 400cubic and as the name suggests GS stands for grand sport, amore muscular car in its category. it was first produced in the year 1967.the car has 2 door with thin pillar coup, sport coupe and its convertible. Its engine is of heavy duty suspension and inside the you will find vinyl bench seats, the power is transmitted with a three-speed manual transmission You will find that it has chrome accented wheel, opening moldings and finned aluminum brake drums. The OBD system in your buick GS400 is an electronic system which generates and stores error codes. It monitors nearly all engine controls and also subsystems. The OBD reader help you know the problems your car is having since it has the ability to read information from your car when you trouble shoot your Buick GS400 OBD system hence saving your time and money running your car to the garage to find out what is wrong. the reader comes with standardized unique codes which contains indexes to help you identify the problem. the user manuals are comprehensively detailed which provides the codes with meaningful descriptions.