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Toyota brand is large and manufactures great car models which are highly demanded by their customers. Scion iQ is a city car with three doors opening. It was first presented in Geneva auto show and followed in other show presentation too. It has an ignition system of either petrol or diesel which is powerful. Its transmission speed is five and six manual. Its maximized interior space is well furnished with smart design of slimmer seats and large space for the driver. It has rear angled shock absorbers and a flat fuel tank. Its design is great with economical consumption of fuel. OBD reader has lead to great improvement of road worthy vehicles on the roads. Automotive industry has provided the OBD reader device in the market to enhance better care of the Scion iQ. You connect the OBD reader with the computerized system of the Scion iQ car to display all the information. It displays the information of the engine problems on the screen. You can solve the problems on your own by resetting or repairing the displayed errors. The OBD reader keeps you alert about the performance of your Scion iQ car. You do not have to take those problems to the mechanic. OBD reader is a marketable product of automotive industry. We are dealing with the best OBD reader for your Scion iQ in our store. We have the best selection where you will get all the kinds of OBD reader. Choose the OBD reader according to the colour, size and shape. Purchase from our store we have set them with the best prices which are affordable to all our customers. We offer installation to your Scion iQ. We encourage all the Scion iQ owners to feel free and browse from our website. Drive safely with the best OBD reader from our store.