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Scion XD is a five door hatchback subcompact highly marketed in the USA by Automaker Company based in Japan. It has standard features like tire pressure monitoring system giving you maximum concentration on the roads. It is a keyless entry car with power windows and mirrors. It has high power generator engine which holds a capacity of 1.8 liters of fuel. It is so easy to drive since it has both automatic and manual sped transmission giving you an option to use the one you find comfortable and convenient for you while driving. Scion XD is bone of the most selling cars in the market since its first production. Driving a luxury and expensive car is wonderful. However, regular replacement of accessories is hectic and very expensive. To monitor and be in control your car functioning systems and make sure they are in order, you need to have your scion XD installed with an obd reader. It guarantees you a long lasting service and avoids frequent visits to the garage or having your car mechanic always checking your car. The slightest problems you can think of are detected for immediate action to be taken allowing you to give your car a second feel of class and offer you a comfortable ride.