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Out of the many car models that are displayed for sale, the dodge neon 4 dr is the only car that shines out due to its improved design and style. Its interior has enough space to accommodate you and vinyl made seats for your comfort. It has strong brakes which assure you of an efficient cruising ability. These brakes are also ant locked. It has a manual transmission of five speeds and an automatic transmission of three speeds. Its engine offers you a great mobility and high cruising speed. This engine has a 150 hp capability. It has air bags that are placed in each of its corners for an improved safety. There are many devices that have been made to help in either improving or maintaining the design of your car. However, the dodge neon 4 dr OBD reader is one of the most important devices that you need to have. It has very powerful sensors that deliver codes and errors that make your engine inefficient. If you want to get more accurate codes, then you need to do a regular check up. The exact information is clearly displayed out for you, this gives you room to determine what is required of you in regard to the state of your car. It is very durable to offer you an all service.