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This is a car with a combination of refinement and functionality. Its body is made of carbon fiber and it can cover quite a number of mileages. With this car, you can safe money since its power economical. Dodge D series is uniquely designed and both its interior and exterior body is well polished. New techniques have been perfected in the manufacturing process of this car. It has disk brakes, and you can be assured that you will not need to replace the brakes regularly, since they are well padded to avoid wear and tear. It has great transmissions and its speed acceleration is good. You can now keep your dodge D series performing at peak efficiency, with the on board diagnostic. If you want to easily maintain your car., then the diagnostic is one of the better options. The OBD is easy to install in the car, you can install it for yourself or hire a professional. It is a gadget which is well designed to detect any problem in your car. It will send you all the codes once your car has any problems. When you have the OBD, it will assist you check the engine lights in your car. It is a useful accessory which will serve you effectively. It has the capability to clear stored codes for you as well as resetting the monitor status.