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The Dodge Avenger is an elegant car with a powerful front wheel drive that is bound to give you sheer spectacular performance on the road. The makers wanted you to have a car that can outpace the other favorite on the road and no doubt he achieved it. The excellent rear and front suspension puts this car on the cusp of greatness. This car is also fitted with alloy wheels and remote locking to improve the appearance. Year in year out, the car has seen its popularity grow by lips and bounds to emerge as one of the favorite in the market Among the devastating things that you always wish not to come your way is your car breaking down without knowing where the problem is. You do not need to worry any more, the invention of the OBD reader, is an assure way of showing you exactly where the problem is to your Dodge avenger. The OBD reader will give you an engine check and then give out the code error, you are then required to check and rectify the fault. It has become very popular amongst many mechanics as it also resets your car oil service thereby making the mileage car serving easy.