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This is a sleekly designed car which has excellent transmissions. With this car, you can drive as long as you wish, since it covers quite a number of mileages. It has high speed accelerations; you can drive this car comfortably and confidently. It is an aggressive car, which has wheel disk brake system; you will not need to replace the brakes frequently, since they are well padded. Dodge challenger body is made of carbon fiber. Both the interior and exterior body is beautifully polished. It uses high quality aluminum calipers. It has a leather wrapped steering. It is a standard model which is power economical An on board diagnostic is one of the mandatory requirements you should have in your dodge challenger. Instead of having unknown troubles in your car, purchase the latest car OBD reader that is economical, and which will serve you effectively. It is loaded with all the professional features, and will easily connect to your vehicle; it is able to scan all parts of your vehicle. It has a back lit display where all the errors are displayed. It has three severity levels which will give you a warning, either to continue or stop driving. It will give you all the details on the cause of the problem in your vehicle.