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When one talks of reliability and durability, then the next thing that strikes your mind is the dodge super bee car model. This is one of the cars that is superb both in performance and style. For an improved performance, the engine has been rebranded severally to bring out the current design, which is very good as it consumes a low level of fuel. Your comfort ability is put in mind because the seats are up hoisted to support your back. Its wheels are made alloy, which guarantees its durability. Get yours today and have the first hand experience with it. For years, car break downs have become major phenomena with many car owners. It becomes a problem for you to know what exactly is the problem, however, you do not need to worry any more, there is a dodge super bee OBD reader which has been produced to help you in the detection of any faults in the engine of your car. It has a communication protocol which relays back accurate information about any impediment that might have made your car have a break down. After installing it, you are needed to activate it for an all reading of your car codes. You are required to do a regular check up, in order to be up dated on the status of your car.