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Having been on the road for quite a long time, your new dodge Daytona has undergone many restyling to meet your personal needs. From being driven on the front wheel sometimes back with a turbo charged engine your newly dodge Daytona has now a wonderfully performing V8 type of engine that generates a power of around 345kW at 256revolutions per minute and a toque of around 370 lb-ft at 509rpm. The front and rear antilock brake system that have both a vented disc and the rear wheel driveline aspect have been put in place to ensure proper braking for your safety and on-road efficiency. Have you ever wondered why your spinal cord is important and part of your brain? Your spinal cord work in conjunction with your brain by sensing and sending impulses to your brain whenever any of the body parts is touched. With this aspect is how the OBD code reader works in your doge Daytona. It actually detects by the means of your vehicle computer referred to as the electronic control unit any fault on any part and then reads the code on that part and sends it on your LCD screen for display. Now with the code and by the use of the scanner you can remedy the problem.