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The dodge viper is a two seater sporty car that is equipped with numerous features. It has the racing style seats. It has an 8.4 liter engine with a capacity of 600hps.This car is an all wheel drive, meaning it can with stand any given type of road. It has fog lights, which can enable you to see clearly, when it is misty, foggy or raining. Its interior is superb as it has enough space for your comfort. You are assured of safety when driving because of the air bags that it is installed with. The rate of consuming fuel is very low, a reason that has made many people like it. An obd reader has become a necessity to many car owners. It is one of the gadgets that has been produced mostly to monitor any failure that your engine may experience, it then record the error codes in a sequence manner for an easy display, this will enable you to know whether your car needs an immediate serving by the mechanic or if it is fit enough for you to continue with your journey. The dodge viper OBD reader has a soft ware, which is very clear, and accurate in its emission of false data, it can also control other units in your car.