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This is a luxurious car with standard transmissions; new techniques have been perfected in the manufacturing process of this car. It is a car which will not give you any braking problems; it has high quality disk brakes. Its body is made of carbon fiber. Dodge colt is an aggressive car, which you can drive for as many miles as you wish, since it can cover quite a number of mileages. Its power economical, and its exterior and interior are well polished and finished. You can always fill comfortable when inside this car, it has standard air conditioning. It has a powerful engine and it’s a high performance car. On board diagnostic is a crucial accessory which should never miss in your dodge colt it is computer based system used in vehicles to monitor the performance of the engine components of your car; OBD diagnostics control all the systems, it is located in the dash or the behind the astray of the car. It is a valuable and will assist you in the repair of your vehicle. In the market, you can get the latest diagnostics which are simple quick, and provide effective way to pin point any problems in your car. The diagnostics play an important role in your car, it will help you carry out inspections and easily maintain your car. The diagnostics has scan tools that detect any problem in your car.