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After a long time of rebranding, the dodge stratus 2dr finally has its magnificent design. It is one of the cars that can make people turn heads when you are driving it because of its salient style. It has very powerful headlights, which provide you with enough lighting when you are driving in dark areas. Its engine transmits an hp of 200; it also has acceleration with a good responsive unit. Its back seats are very large to guarantee you enough space for carrying your whole family. It also has an added air conditioning unit, which clears any bad smell from your car. The OBD readers have been invented in the automotive industry to help in checking out the problems that make your car experience constant break downs. This device gives out a description of the code that is faulty in full details. It can also enable you in copying the errors in several applications, the simple application mode that it has enables it to successfully do this, to the window measuring blocks. It has a computerized soft ware, which can easily block any incumbent problem. The dodge stratus 2dr OBD reader is one of the gadgets that you need to have all the time for an up date of any engine related problems.