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The doge magnum is one of the cars that opened the stage of wagon cars. It has a good acceleration which improves your cruising ability. It is an all wheel drive car, a reason that has made many people like it. It is also installed with an automatic transmission of four speeds. The rate of fuel consumption is quite low; hence it is termed as one of the convenient car models in the market. Its interior is quite impressive as it has leather made seats which increase your comfort levels. It is specifically made to withstand a long time cruising. For a safe and stress free driving, you need to have a dodge magnum OBD reader which will always keep you perturbed on the engine failures of your car. This reader is computerized to give you accurate code errors for the best out put during your visitation to the mechanic if need be. You can easily know what the problem is, through the displayed faulty codes with your reader. This is one of the best engine detectives that you need to have to ensure that you do not take your car to the mechanic un necessary, some engine errors can easily be corrected by you.