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Dodge shadow is an exorbitant car model which has been brought forth in order to improve and make your cruising ability more enjoyable. It is a front drive car with a 4 hatch back door. It has a manual speed transmission of 5 speeds. It has a highly rated engine in terms of the out put and fuel consumption. You are assured of great comfort when you are sited because of the highly up holstered back seats. It is installed with air bags to guarantees you full safety incase of any close impact with the vehicle. It has powerful m HID lights for an improved vision. There is nothing stressing like experiencing regular break downs to your car without figuring out where the exact problem is. You do not to worry any more; there is a dodge shadow OBD reader that has been produced to assist you in realizing what the problem is with your engine. There is an obd reader I which exhibits all the faulty errors to your automobile. It is computer enabled and different soft wares have been installed for a clear out put in the errors that it gives out. After along diagnosis, you can easily know what makes your car experience break downs.