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When people talk about style and design, then the dodge neon 2 dr clearly comes at the picture. It has a horse power of 132 and an engine capacity of 2.0.It has the wheels that are cast with aluminum, this makes them very durable and guarantees you a longer service. Its dual bags are of standard; this increases your safety level when you are driving. You are guaranteed of a comfort trip as its seats are made of high quality leather. For an improved vision when you are driving at night, the dodge neon is installed with durable headlights. It gives you a sporty appeal when you are driving it. The obd readers have been introduced to help you in detecting the real cause of your car’s regular break downs. This device has detectors and sensors that record down any error that your engine might have experienced. It is computerized for an efficient and excellent out put. The dodge neon 2 dr OBD reader can reduce your un necessary spending as you can easily note when it is required of you to see a mechanic. This device is very durable therefore it can with stand constant usage; this can also guarantee you a longer service with it. It has become a must have device.