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Few would doubt that the Toyota RAV4 is one of the most well known brands from Toyota. Simply put the vehicle has appeal especially because there’s always a new version of the Toyota RAV4 every four or so years. What’s most appealing about the Toyota RAV4 is its functionality. It basically has everything one would look for in a car. It’s a full-time four wheel drive but has the fuel economy of a small vehicle, something very rare indeed in SUVs (Special Utility Vehicles). However it’s good to note that the four wheel drive component is optional. In addition to it’s toughness on rough roads, the Toyota RAV4 has other appealing features such as ample cargo space, high visibility, airbags as well as other standard safety features. If you were the owner of the RAV4 you would probably feel like a wall has caved in on you every time your car gets a mechanical problem. While most of these problems are due to normal wear and tear, others can be prevented by early detection. It would also take a whole lot less time at the garage if the owner of a vehicle could accurately pinpoint a possible cause of such a problem. The good news is all this is possible with the OBD diagnostic tool. The OBD diagnostic for the RAV4 is available in the form of a kit composed of a microprocessor (the small computer) and a series of sensors which are placed in different locations in your car’s engine. The sensors pick up information from the engine which is then relayed to the microprocessor. The microprocessor in turn processes the data and converts it into codes. This is where the OBD Reader comes in. It simply translates the codes from the microprocessor into easy to comprehend format. It makes a lot of sense of you try our services. For the best OBD readers, we are here to provide a solution. We stock nothing but the best in terms of performance and reliability. Simplicity and contentment is what you stand to gain from us. We have all versions and designs of the OBD reader to make your Toyota RAV 4 the best.