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Suzuki XL-7 is a Suzuki’s medium sized vehicle first made in 1998 consisting of two types theXL-7 and the XL7. XL-7 has a Suzuki designed 2.7 litre with engine in front of the vehicle and wheels at the rear with off-road drive where all four wheels receive moment of force from the engine. XL7 was introduced in 2006 as a result of partnerships of General Motors and Suzuki, it uses new version of General Motors high feature engine (HFV6) that was introduced in 2004, it uses the same components as themed-size crossover Chevrolet which is a brand of vehicle produced by the General Motors. Suzuki XL-7 OBD Reader is a device that was introduced to the market in 1996 to monitor engine control and a car’s body parts. It has the ability to read information from the vehicle. It is equipped with trouble codes that you can check to monitor a vehicle’s speed as long as you have OBD vehicle car that is any vehicle manufactured from 1996. So when your Suzuki XL-7 has a problem let’s say in its engine a warning light indicator will light at the LCD screen readouts and you probably will know where the problem is, making it a vary important devise that everyone who owns a vehicle should have.