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Isuzu Impulse is a stylish front wheel drive sedan, which is ideal for you and your family. It was introduced in 1990 as a frontier in the sports car industry. The engine is a 1.6-liter, dual overhead cam XS, four-cylinder engine. It produced 125 horse powers and comes in with a 5-speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmissions. You will drive the car for a long time with great speeds and it wills not fail you. A mater of fact it will exceed your expectations and will leave you no doubt that it is the car for fast and distance travel. One of the latest OBD II scan tools is the scanner that comes with data graphing and logging. It is found in the Isuzu Impulse sedan. In addition, it is capable of giving you continuous and up to date test results. The car is OBD-II compliant making it a must have; this gadget fits and works well with your vehicle. You will also discover that software is included for windows PC and windows smart phone. Do not deny your car this elegant gadget that is almost a necessity. It is an important gadget that you need to have in the car.