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The ford escort from the ford automakers is one of the best models compared to the modern vehicles. It is of the hatchback class that styles you into the fashion. The vehicle has been fit by the best air conditioners and a standard 6 CD auto-changer to grant you the comforting environ you deserve during your ride. The fitment of the ABS and leather seats in this 3- and 5- door hatchback body-styled vehicle have been set in place to ensure your maximum comfort. Your ford escort is of a small family that has undergone many revisions making it to have a variety of engine specifications that include the Endura-E 60 PS of 1.3 L CFi and the 2.0EFi. While having and enjoying the ride with your ford escort, the worst that you don’t wish is for it to develop a problem. Life at this time becomes uncomfortable and full of worries especially if it is at night. To stand and ensure that your vehicle does not bring such unnecessary worries, your ford escort comes right away from the manufacturer well fit with an OBD Code reader. This device will enable you well in advance to know whether your vehicle has a problem or not. The OBD Code reader puts your vehicle in a position of communicating with you. A signal is sent to the dashboard indicating a code of where the problem is arising from.