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Get the mid-size luxury Volvo S80 model with a traverse front engine moving at a superlative speed with full relaxation and enjoyment. You have the option to drive at front wheel or four wheels depending on your taste and situation. This car will take you anywhere on the best speed and comfort required. In addition, the car comes in four-speed geartronic to six speed automatic and four to five speed manual. This range tends to meet the diverse taste of different customers. Safety and security are properly taken care of the power brakes and well fitted seat belts both at the front and rear. The Volvo S80 has an OBD Reader innovative that is an affordable solution to problems that might occur to your car engine or performance. This helps you to connect your car computer to the car system reading all the performance of the manufactures engine ay of behavior, in case of any malfunction, this is reported on a reader screen through the codes that can easily be translated by the driver. Furthermore, the driver is at liberty to scan the car anytime he wants and decide on whether to stop at the next car shop to replace any spare or continue driving; this system has improved the durability and safety of cars.