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Toyota highlander: Never miss this when shopping for a classy car! Full time 4wd, embedded alloy rims, 15” wheels, automatic gear- Just promoted? You need this car and all will be said in one word; marvelous! Its power transmission steering system gives you full control of your car at any speed margin. It has an up-to-the-art breaking sensitivity that will come to a halt in 5secs from a speed limit of 100kph. The turbo timer engine minimizes fuel consumption for maximum combustion of fuel and it is fitted with air bags under the seats and on its internal body for your safety everyday. If you do not need to leave your car at the garage, the purchase the OBD reader for your Toyota highlander and you will part with the stress of delayed appointments, late office hours, highway breakdowns and many more troubles. The device is capable of locating faults in your car and definitely, you will save time at the garage, less funds and manage to carry on with your normal daily schedule. Whenever you will be, the scanner will notify you on the activities in and out of your car, initial images can be displayed by pressing the variable codes, it can correct some defects without necessarily visiting the garage.