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Just married? Toyota echo is your first priority! It is small in size with an automatic pull up window four door, spacious tail compartment, angle adjustable driver and front passenger seats, power steering transmission with high steering sensitivity, low cost and 1.8 engine with a turbo timer. Am/fm/cd player with usb support and an air con system, a hydraulic braking system that will ensure you stop at your own convenience and its available color choice variety of; black, green, blue, red or white. The better part is that after your honeymoon it can change from a family car to an office car. Is your Toyota Echo installed with a Toyota Echo OBD reader? If yes, you will have the following advantages; you will be alerted in advance about any default problems of the vehicle hence providing room for repair and this will prevent the broadening of the deformation thus minimal expenses. It will be cheaper to maintain such a vehicle since you can do some repairs on your own with the aid of the OBD reader. It will reduce the mishandling or tampering with other areas of the car as the scanner will notify the mechanic or whoever is correcting the deformation what is exactly wrong with the vehicle.