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If you need to feel the touch of a celebrity go for nothing short of a Toyota celica. This is an eighth generation car it comes with embedded sports rims to provide stability, elegance and beauty. It comes with an automatic gear system, power transmission, am/fm radio with cd/mp3/vcd player and it supports usb, Bluetooth and memory card reader, leather seats, a 2.8 turbo timer engine, air con system, internal air bags for safety, and comes in a variety of colors ranging from black, blue, yellow, red, silver and gold. Automatic door locks and automated hydraulic breaking system that comes to a halt in 6secs from 150kph. The Toyota Celica is not complete without the Toyota Celica OBD reader; this is an electronic device installed in your car to offer you first hand trouble shooting solutions when you are alone or caught unawares far away from the garage or when your mechanic is out of contact. It is bright enough to identify the exact problem and fair enough give you the user a probable procedure to undertake in order to correct the fault this notification will provide a code to revert the problem instantly. Purchase one for your Celica today.