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The Suzuki x-90 is a small convertible suv car which was introduced in 1996.its introduction to the market replaced the samurai cars for United States. Its came in a two door sidekick, there backs are normally tossed out and blended in new style. It’s a four wheeled drive and uses i.6 liter, 16 valve engine which produces 95 hp.It has a remarkable amount of space behind the seats which can be used for luggage. It has standard equipment such as a twin bucket seats, dual airbags, 4 wheel antilock brakes, daytime running light and rear defogger. Its has power windows and locks tinted glass, power steering and a tachmeter. it has also a separate truck which is part of the design. Obd Reader in this car is a very much advanced in automotive engineering and diagnosing capabilities. The self diagnostic tool almost supports all the control to your modules for your Suzuki x-90 giving you up to the minute status on the health of your car. Been computerized system it has the ability to generate and stores codes error, its ability to monitor all controls engine and other subsystem makes a day for all car owners. The Suzuki X -90 Obd Reader helps your know the faults in your car since it’s able to read information from your car when your trouble shoot the malfunction. Its gives your car the best service ever.