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Suzuki Grand Vitara is a car that you do not need to think twice about having it as a car for long distance travel. In cold temperatures, the car has the ability to warm the engine so that you cannot have a hard time starting the car. it is very fast and has state of the art shocks that allow it to take tension and leave you safe and comfortable inside. The car can travel to great length with a few gallons of gas. The engine has a cooling system that enables the car to remain cool under extreme hot temperatures. Suzuki Grand Vitara uses the OBD II reader to identify and diagnose various codes faults detected on the car. It performs by checking the oil pump kit and rectifying any fault it finds on the fuelling tank system of the car. The Car has a more advanced OBD II reader, which is capable of displaying any fault code found and as well troubleshoot the faults. This is the most spectacular OBD II reader in the automotive and engineering tool reader, which provides more efficiency in the operation. For This ability, it has helped many owners of the cars to identify the hardest fault and rectify as well.