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Subaru SVX competes with other cars in the luxury section. The car is designed to be a very fast car the body has been developed using aerodynamics technology so as to allow it to travel fast. As a safety measure the car has been fitted with anti lock break system and wide tires to able you to break once. The suspension of the car has been reinforced to allow you to turn without any fear of over turning. The car is powered by a 2.4 litter engine producing 170 horsepowers. It is a very economical car and efficient to your pocket You will find Subaru SVX obd system is compatible enough to work with a laptop computer and a number of software’s and the only thing you need to do in this case is to purchase a cable and software and proceed to read the information from your car. Having this system ensures that you have all the protection you need when traveling with your car. The system is efficient and reliable in all engine problems that occur during the use of the car. Alternatively, you might find other OBD system is one complete unit that has all cables that you will need.