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Subaru Justy is a small but very powerful hatchback saloon car. It uses a five gear manual transmission, powered by a three cylinder 2.0 litter engine producing 73 horsepower. The car is a two-door vehicle convenient for you and your wife. It has a streamlined shape that allows the car to travel fast. The car is fuel economical and has a low carbon dioxide emission. The car has comfortable leather seats. The car performs better in all kinds of weather. The car is described by many as a fun car to derive around. It has a big space on the inside that you can fit all your goods. The Subaru Justy obd system is a hand held device that allows you to run diagnostic tests to your car and repair little problems that may arise. The system on the car works though out to make sure that it is on top form possible. The moment the car is out of the manufactures hands it up to you to give it the necessary care and protection this system allows you just do that. It will check the fuel gauge, the fuel pump to make sure that it is working properly the system can fix minor electronic problems it self.