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There are many car models that have been made available in the after market but the Saturn outlook car out wits them all due to its salient and improved driving features. It can accommodate a capacity of eight people as it contains three row settings, its front row has bucket seats while the second row has three passenger seats the third row consists of bench seats that can accommodate a capacity of three people. The car has a 3.6 liter engine and an automatic transmission of six speeds. It is in corporate with both the headlights and taillights for efficient light emission in dark situations. The obd reader is one of the important accessories that your car should have. It is small sized but very autonomous in it’s out put. All the faulty codes are relayed back to you so hat you can perform the required service if it is a serious break down. The goodness of the Saturn outlook OBD reader is that it can perform its work perfectly even though the car is in motion and hen then send a signal to you to show you that a certain fault has been detected. It is quite versatile as you can also use it in controlling your driving speed.