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Getting a car model that you like most is not an easy task, however, with the production of the Plymouth grand fury, you are guaranteed of a classy and well-designed car model. It is down sized and has a roof that is covered with vinyl. It has split bench seats and a sped control mode therefore your speed is limited when you are driving. It is a four-door automobile, which has an automatic speed transmission of three speeds. This is one of the cars that have air conditioner, which helps in refreshing your air when you are inside and it is very stuffy. The obd reader ha become one of the must have devices to many car owners and mechanics, this is because of its efficiency in diagnosing any defects that your engine might be experiencing occasionally. The oil mileage of your car is also detected by this obd reader. After recording the faulty codes, it can clear off the simpler ones, meaning, the condition of your engine is not complex. The Plymouth grand fury obd reader can access on board computer to deliver the engine and electronic transmission codes of your car. Ensure that you have installed one to your car in order to improve its communication.