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The Plymouth fury is the only car model that has a chrome bar grille that is vertical; this increases the beauty of its design and style. It also has a V 8 engine and a three-speed transmission that is for both manual and automatic configurations. The car has turn signals, which are installed at its front bumper. It has taillights, which produce an amber colored light. The car has velour bench seats, which have armrest to increase your comfort levels. The rate of its fuel consumption is not high like other car models. It comes in different attractive colors. The Plymouth fury obd reader is one of the gadgets that can detect the performance of your engine and record down any faulty codes that may lead to its break down. It has a computerized soft ware, which helps in emitting accurate and efficient codes in a sequential manner. The simple applications of your automobile are also enhanced by this OBD reader therefore; you can easily move to the measuring block windows form the faulty window codes. The communication of your automobile is greatly enhanced by the obd reader; therefore, you can tell where the problem is by reading out the exhibited codes and take necessary action.