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Japan a world wide re-known motor manufacturing country, has after several redesigns come up with the Nissan stanza that grants you the prestigious look you deserve. With the profound features that has made it to be rated with a high resistance to rolling over, Nissan stanza remains the best car to own. Having been verified with a side and front collision worthiness, it becomes a more recommended vehicle for you. This four door sedan has a five passenger seating capacity, with a 16.4 gallon fuel capacity tank. The engine has a size of 2.4 liters with a138 horsepower and a manual five speed transmission. The OBD code reader is a diagnostic device that lets you know of any default in your Nissan stanza’s operational system. Having been troubled for long period of time with the hustles of rushing to your mechanic just because of a simple fault in your car are now over. You are at this time on the safer side of not being overcharged defaults that could be rectified by yourself. Working as a detective device in your vehicle, the OBD code reader at the time of fault detection reads the code on the part with the default and instantly sends the code to your LCD screen. The scanner then interprets the code telling the exact part that is defaulted. You then do the rectification by yourself.