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The Isuzu I-350 is a double cabin pickup with adequate space for passengers and cargo at the back. It has a very powerful 3.5-liter engine that generates up to 220 horsepower. The standard feature is a four-speed automatic transmission and its suspensions make it an ideal item. The car is crafted with overflowing exterior features that are very eye-catching and has the energy to make the onlookers crave for your ride. If you desire to be different, this model is the only way out. The quad front headlights and the character line which is normally overdone are now replaced by a reasonably larger dual headlights and a restyled body that no other model can surpass The Isuzu I-350 OBD Reader is able to sense the malfunctioning parts or problematic subsystems with your car keeping you in tandem with the health of your ride. Once a problem has been identified the OBD reader sends a trouble code to your computer which set off the nature of the problem appearing on your dashboard. The reader is unlike the predecessor malfunction detectors give you the exact nature of the problem. For instance, it does not just detect and send an ambiguous warning or distress, it send you specific details or information like ‘check engine oil’ or ‘car re-servicing needed’ and so on. What a device?