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The Infiniti Q45 is yet another luxurious model from heart to heart. It is a quiet and comfortable model available as a 4-door sedan. The hood hosts a V8 engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It’s fitted with a driver-side airbag and antilock brakes. An integrated spoiler is incorporated to improve on its aerodynamics while the automatic climatic control is yet another feature you cannot afford to ignore. The driver seats are powered for easy adjustment so that you can comfortably position yourself for maximum enjoyment. It’s fitted with a powerful audio system that will leave you satisfied. Get the best to enjoy the best. The latest industry standard is the on-board diagnostics which enables monitoring of all engine parts as well as the chassis and the body itself. You may get a scratch on the side and fail to notice but the Infiniti Q45 OBD reader will relays such warnings on to the dashboard by lighting up check lights. Its amazing the technology allows you to critically analyze information about your vehicle. Its very possible for you to read trouble codes and guess what, monitor your speed at any time. The amount of torque and horsepower churned out at a particular revolution per minute can be easily monitored thanks to the new innovative design.