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It is marketed by general motors under the hummer brand. Hummer h2 is larger than h1 though it is slimmer than this first make. It has a higher passenger accommodation since it carry up to seven passengers making it longer and heavier. Its most rear part was modified to a sporty utility truck. Its stability is a really high preventing it from over turning since it has a light duty truck frame that is wider than average track. It is sold as a both multi purpose vehicle, which can be used on any type of road. It has unique standard features like air conditioners; leather wrapped steering among other plus optional features. Good and comfortable cars like hummer h2 need to be fixed with an OBD system to avoid highway embarrassment and avoid insecurity since your engine car may break down anywhere risking your life and the people onboard. A good and comfortable car like this you will largely get it with other security systems like alarms sirens and car trackers leaving out this engine reader system out because you tend to rely on your car technician than the information relayed y your own car. Sometimes you can buy this car without this engine reader software but that does not prevent you from installing it.