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GMC syclone is a high performance car, which will never disappoint you. It was first introduced as pickup truck and sells very well in the world as compared to other trucks. the engine has a capacity of 4.3liter 6 cylinders and power transmitted to all four wheels via four speed automatic transmission, the engine generates a horsepower of 280hp with 350 lp- feet of torque and antilock brakes in all four wheels. The first picks were only available in black color but these days they are available in variety of colors. They have spacious cargo space behind the passenger seat with two doors. Having a pickup like this is every ones dreams. You will need to have GMC syclone obd system to assist you in knowing the vehicles problem. Many mechanics might destroy the car for not knowing where the fault is. When you see the engine warning light, indicating this means, something is not good in the vehicles system and you need to check it. You can run the system through and find out what the problem is. You will have a better chance to save money and time when you use the system. Make sure you save your pick up by using this system. It will also give your engine a longer life time.