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GMC S15 pickup is a 1990 truck with two doors. The car has an ample space for cargo behind the passenger’s seat. The Pickup is mostly available in all four wheels drive. The car tires are about 17inch with alloy rims. The car transmits power to the wheels by either automatic or manual transmission making it a powerful pickup since it can carry cargo of about 160kg thus a high performance. It is most appropriate for farmers who do heavy duty works. The pickup is very economical and many drivers have appreciated and praised it since they spend less on fuel and it does not breakdown that easily. GMC S15 pickup OBD reader is an electronic device which gives technical information on the health status of the pickup. When you troubleshoot the malfunctioning, it will show diagnostic trouble codes on the screen mounted on the dashboard. You will interpret the codes and find out where the problem is coming from and you do not have to waste time and money going to the garage for check ups. The reader has the ability to monitor the engine functionality; it tells you when to check the engine and when to change something. The reader can reset and clear the codes and can possibly tells you what was going on the time the code was triggered by simply getting the snapshot data.