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Motor vehicle manufacturing companies have a thirst of fulfilling both the desire and the adventurous spirit of their customers. The ford motor Makers Company that is one and among the many other companies with the same aspect, has granted you the ford festiva from its subsidiary company Mazda, that with no doubt brings a sense of difference in your world. It thus exits in a variety of body styles that include the four-door sedan, three- door and five door hatchback. The engine is of four-cylinders, 1.3 liter capacity and produces 63 horsepower and 73 foot-pounds of toque. It also has a five speed manual transmission with three speed automatic optional. Trouble is one above all the inconveniences that you at all times wish not to come on your way. Whatever the type of trouble it might be or whatever that generates it, you are always on the safer side if you understand its cause and what the solution is. Your ford festiva at times could develop a problem that you had no knowledge about. Now with the help of the on-board diagnostic that works with the help of your car’s computer puts you in a position of fixing all its defaults. Whenever there is a default in the system the OBD alerts you by sending a signal on the dashboard.