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Having made the decision of getting yourself the ford escort zx2 is the ever economic decision you have made. This vehicle that is manufactured by the ford automobile company is one among others that ensures that your life runs smoothly. It has been fit with a dual standard airbags and ant-lock breaks that ensures your safety. The ford escort zx2 has a variety of body-styles that include the 4-door sedan the 4-door station wagon, a wheelbase of 98.4inches;a 110-horsepower,2.0L 4-cylinder capacity engine and a standard 5-speed manual transmission with a 4-speed automatic optional. Many times in your day to day life, you live under the stress of your vehicles maintenance. At whatever cost , you at least for several times in a year service your vehicle. This is necessarily not done by you but your mechanic. It is devastating for your mechanic to overcharge you or come up with problems that your vehicle do not have. With the help of technology that has led to the invention of the OBD CODE Reader, now lets you live your free and peaceful life. Your ford escort being among the modern vehicles is fit with this gadget. The OBD code reader now gives you the capability of identifying any malfunction with your ford escort in order to genuinely visit your mechanic