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The exotic car model that has been brought forth is the eagle talon. It can hold a total of four people inside, two at its front and another two at the back. It is a front wheel drive car with an automatic speed of four and manual speed of 5.It is also installed with a hood bulge, which provides a good clearance to you for a belt cover at its engine. Its seats are highly raised to guarantee you an opportunity of seeing clearly at the front of the car when you are driving. It has an exorbitant, which everyone finds amazing. If your car is experiencing poor communication then you need to get an eagle talon OBD reader to detect what the exact problem is. The reader tells you the actual problem by recording the data of the codes that are faulty and then display them for you. Remember, the old systems of an obd reader can be very slow in emitting data, so, you need to be updated. It can also give you parameter block measures in a simultaneous way. This device is very small in size but useful in its out put; ensure that you have installed it in your car for an excellent out put.