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The Chevrolet Impala is a full size automobile, built by the general motors division of Chevrolet. It was introduced in the market as a sporty sedan, which scored high marks being ranked as a first class car. Major changes have been made on this car year after year maintaining its identity but being able to fit in the market standards. The current impala model is well equipped with modern equipments like four speed automatic transmission engine; leather coated steering with automatic control to avoid hand slippery while driving power heated adjustable mirrors and remote keyless entry doors. All these and more features are installed to make sure you have a comfortable ride. OBD for your Chevrolet impala car will let you know how reliable your car is. Despite having, car security systems like alarms and sirens you also need to monitor the safety of your car engine. This system is cheap to install in your car therefore every car owner need to have one for his car to avoid frequent engine replacement, which is quite costly, and also a waste of resources. For long car lasting engine, you need to monitor it and avoid frequent car services, which will be offered to you at a cost.