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Chevrolet HHR is a retro styled station wagon launched in American automaker market by general Motors Company. The vehicle design is produced based on the early Chevrolet productions with large square flares. This car has a big cargo capacity and other features like a flat-load floor and a flat front passenger seat, which can be folded to crate space or pave way. In the market, it is available in four trim levels, which have been developed to many different designs over the e years of production. The current HHR model of Chevrolet is a two or four door holding a capacity of five passengers giving them maximum comfort and appealing to the public because of its sporty look. OBD is a gadget that will help you determine the effectiveness of your car systems. Despite other car security systems, you need to have your car systems monitored. This system can be installed by the car manufacturer or take it to a car technician who will install this software for you. It is better to have an OBD system in your Chevrolet HHR since it is difficult to have it checked when it is loaded with goods. In the middle of offering services to your customers it can be difficult to reach out to your car mechanic to repair your failed engine since you can be far away from this services that why you should have this services to avoid frequent car services.