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The Chevrolet Equinox is the model of the Chevrolet that reflects top of the range quality, precision and superiority of design and utility of performance talk of outstanding fuel economy and improved safety and security features as well as enhanced technological and entertainment features. This Chevy is no doubt one of the greatest and efficient mid size crossover on any highway. It t is a sight to be admired, envied and be proud of. Losing this ride is something that you must avoid at all costs. This is why your Equinox should have a car alarm to prevent it from being taken away easily without you knowing of it. The Chevrolet equinox uses the OBD 2 reader for its diagnostic performance. The OBD 2 reader diagnostic device assists in your car repair resource site in telling exactly where the engine fault is. This diagnostic tool surely is the fast shipping professional in your automotive shop and has been the first seller for along time in the USA. The device helps you to determine mechanical problems in your car that normally develop as it’s driven. Some of which it identifies and troubleshoot instantly as it happens. Its shows more efficiency when it comes to identifying codes faults and letting you correct each of them.