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The Chevrolet aveo is a classical modern car that makes you as the owner feel the value of your money. It has been designed with unique features that make you enjoy a unique kind of comfort and convenience in its operation. Since fuel is what makes you move around with your Chevrolet aveo, it is designed to economically utilize your fuel with the four speeds automatic and the five speed manual transmission accompanied by the 1.6litre capacity engine. To ensure your comfort, it has been fit with an AM/FM audio stereo, cup holders with enough space for your cargo. The airbags fit with a sensing system, your driver’s knee bolster with the seat belts have been fit to ensure your safety. The on-board diagnostic device that is the OBD ensures a smooth ride with your Chevrolet aveo. The capability of your vehicle communicating with you is the best of all desires that you have as a driver and owner of a car. Technology for the convenience that you have for a long time hoped for brings you the OBD code reader. As the name sounds it actually has the capability of reading the codes on fault parts in your vehicles operational system and letting you know. This is done via the help of the ECU of your vehicle. The code is sent and displayed on your dashboard after which the scanner is used to verify the fault for rectification.