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The Audi TT is a three door sports machine. It comes in two models the convertible model and the full roof model. Both of the models come with different colors and are ideal for you and your wife. The car runs by a3.0 litter v8 engine. The suspension on the front axel, is modified to allow the car to turn even in speeds of over 70mph. the cars uses the antilock breaking system that allows you to break safely in high speeds. With a car like this, you are sure that you will impress. Wheels on the car are wide to increase the cars stability. The Audi TT has a standard obd system that is always on when the cars engine is on. It also checks how the fuel pump and other systems in the car are running and gives you a comprehensive report of what is working well and what is not. When undertaking any long journey it is important that you make sure that this system is working well to avoid break downs and accidents that may occur as a result of engine breakdown. The system will allow you to minimize the risk of increase the damage that may lead to you replacing the engine.