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This is a good example of a modern car as it is hand crafted to give it a glamorous design. This is a sports car with an exceptional performance and great engine for efficacy. Aston martin vantage has a v8 engine, which can propel it at a speed of 290km/h. It has up hoisted seats to improve the level of your comfort. It is very attractive both in design and style; it has tail lights which give you adequate lighting in dark places. It has very tough wheels to boost your driving skills and they can also with stand long period of driving. The Aston car has been provided with an obd reader which makes it easy for to note the defect that your might be experiencing instead of inquiring from a mechanic. The Aston martin vantage OBD reader records its data in a sequential form and describes the codes error as being either too low or with rail pressure. It can also print the faulty codes for you if you reset it in such a mode. All the inconveniences that can be caused when you are out on a trip can easily be detected by this device and quick measures be taken if need be.