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The creative and ever busy engineers of Honda have put their thinking together and emerged with the Acura NSX that is well known for its high speed and powerful engine. It is the perfect car that you need in the event of having to go through mountainous curves and the tires will never squeal. The Acura NSX is a car that shares much similarity with the flamboyant Lexus especially because it can shift the automatic transmission by itself. The moment you step into the Acura NSX you will not hesitate to comment on the comfort of the car. You will have total control of the vehicle and as a new driver; you will confuse it for a car that you drive every day. Having praised the Acura NSX, It is obvious that no car is friendly without a good communication system that enables you to tell its status. The old means that you used to take your car to the mechanic in order to tell you what the problem is are now over with the invention of the OBD code reader. Whenever their is a detection of a default in any part of your vehicle ranging from the engine to the to the emission system, a code denoting the part with the fault is sent to the LCD screen.