USB VAG OBDII Diagnostic Tool Cable CAN 5.1 Commander

USB VAG OBDII Diagnostic Tool Cable CAN 5.1 Commander

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USB VAG OBDII Diagnostic Tool Cable CAN 5.1 Commander USB VAG OBDII Diagnostic Tool Cable CAN 5.1 Commander

USB VAG OBDII Diagnostic Tool Cable CAN 5.1 Commander

New Commander 5.1 OBDII diagnostic cable for VW and Audi

  • To vehicle: OBDII Plug: 16-pin (Male)
  • To computer: USB: 2.0 and backward compatible


Getting started with VAG diagnostic cable is easy. All you need is this VAG cable, a computer, and a vehicle. No extra converters, connectors, or tools are required. Plug one end of the cable into your vehicle's OBD, which is usually located within easy reach of the driver. Plug the other end into your computer's USB port, and install your favorite diagnostic software. You're now ready to access and interact with your car's on-board computer. Do-it- yourself has never been so simple!

Product Notes:

  • Computer Compatibility: Windows computers, windows OS version compatibility depends on the software you choose to use
  • Manual definition of running diagnostic session
  • Special functions about instrument clusters from VDO
  • Retrieve Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Read Freeze Frames
  • Covers all electronic control units in vehicles (diagnostic addresses from 0x01 to 0x80)
  • Supports popular diagnostic functions such as identifications, coding, and adaptations
  • Broadcast diagnostic request, e.g., disable normal communication, logistic (transport) mode, etc.
  • Manage brand new immobilizer units where programming of PIN, SKC, BGW, MAC is allowed

Compatible with certain models of VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda Connect your computer to your car

USB to OBDII - CANBUS connection

Displays live data from your vehicle

Displays diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and definitions on screen

Reads and clears all generic DTCs and some manufacturer specific DTCs

Read security access code of immobilizer, eeprom and flash memory of instrument cluster

Plug and play: No need for additional batteries, cables, connectors, or converters

Support vehicles:

2003+ VW Touran (1T chassis)

2004+ VW Golf (1K chassis)

2004+ VW Caddy (2K chassis)

2004+ Audi A3 (8P chassis)

2004+ Seat Altea (5P chassis) and Altea XL

2004+ Skoda Octavia (1Z chassis)

2005+ Seat Toledo (5P chassis)

2005+ Golf Plus (5M chassis) - All Golf-5 platform cars (A5 platform)

2005+ Seat Leon (1P chassis)

2005+ Jetta (1K chassis)

2006+ Eos (1F chassis)

2003+ Audi A8 and A8L (D3 platform, 4E chassis)

2005+ Audi A6 (C6 platform, 4F chassis)

2005+ Audi A4 (B7 platform) (some control modules)

2005+ VW Pass at (B6 Platform, 3C chassis)

2006+ Audi Q7 (4L chassis)

2007+ Audi R8 (42 chassis)

2007+ Audi TT (8J chassis)

2005+ Porsche Cayenne

Skoda: Roomster, Scout



1.Operating Software Compatibility: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

2.OBDII Plug: 16-pin (Male)

3.USB: 2.0 and backward compatible


Package list:

USB VAG Diagnostic Cable C 5.1 OBDII

Includes CD or download: Download Software

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