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Body work done of steel for a rust free body, the Volkswagen phaeton is fitted with superb seats, a climate control system that is brilliant, and a noise isolation technology to ensure that you the user is comfortable enough to handle the car. It comes in a variety of three engines’ the three liter v6 tdi plus offering 230 horse power, the six liter w12 petrol producing 414 horse power and the 4.2 v8 engine formats. Its interior is furnished using fine leather and wood, and a high handling compatibility. It has a spacious trunk compartment to fit as much as 500 liters of fuel! You don’t need to leave your car at the garage, the purchase the OBD reader for your Volkswagen Phaeton and you will part with the stress of delayed appointments, late office hours, highway breakdowns and many more troubles. The device is capable of locating faults in your car and definitely you will save time at the garage, less funds and manage to carry on with your normal daily schedule., it can correct some defects without necessarily visiting the garage. Being a new generation vehicle, the Phaeton will be vulnerable to outsmart the local mechanic. To avoid this trial and error contact your obd reader. Control your power!